TAIL BLAZERS UNIVERSITY -  More than just a daycare...It's an education
Here at TBU we offer our famous 5 day Off-Leash Boot Camp. And our Behaviorist, Greg Riley, overseas the Behavior based training programs.

Your dog may come to our facility for their training and board here with us during the entire program, or we may customize the program as a day-school program, should that suit you or your dog's needs.

On the final graduation day, you will come in for approximately 2 hours for
your training!

The Off-Leash Boot Camp

This 5 day program tuition includes all training, as well as daycare and/or boarding for the entire program. Throughout the course, we will work with your dog both off-leash and on-leash. We guarantee a reliable recall and an excellent on leash dog.

Tuition for the 5-day off-leash program is $999 and includes a 2-hour handler training session at program conclusion.

This course is appropriate for dogs over 8 months of age.

(Remote Collar and Training Collar are additional).
Behavior Modification & Management Training

Behavior Modification & Management Training programs are fully customized to your lifestyle and your dog's unique issues. Aggression, dominance, and a host of aberrant behaviors may be addressed in these training programs. 

Behavior Management Training starts at 5 days and $1199.

Behavior programs are conducted by our Behaviorist Gregory Riley and employ his proprietary Softouch K-9 Training System and, if required, E-Motion Therapeutic protocols.

Behavior modification and management training is a sensitive undertaking requiring an expansive skill set, a deep pool of knowledge as it relates to behavior, emotional states and psychology, and the emotional maturity & empathetic nature to patiently proceed with the individualized care each dog requires. Such care & training should never be entrusted to any but the most qualified. As such ALL behavior based training programs require a consultation with Greg Riley, and he can be reached directly at 401-332-8669 or through email at gtriley1@gmail.com.