TAIL BLAZERS UNIVERSITY -  More than just a daycare...It's an education
Daycare and Boarding
TBU offers the finest daycare and boarding services in the industry. We spend quality time with each and every dog while monitoring their achievements and documenting all progress. TBU is a curriculum-based daycare that fulfills all of your pooch's needs, from training, socialization and treadmilling, to basic agility and obedience. 

We offer the following Daycare and Boarding Services:

Daycare - 1/2 Day  $25
Daycare - Full Day $35

Daycare add-ons:
  • Freeplay                                       $5/hour
  • Agility refresher                            $20/hour
  • Solo Walk                                      $10/15 minutes
  • Leash Manners refresher                $10/30 minutes
  • Freestyle/Tricks                            $15/hour
  • Treadmill                                      $10/30 minutes
  • Adventure (off leash hike)             $20
  • Basic Obedience refresher             $20/hour
  • Ruff House                                    $10/hour
  • Grooming - call for pricing

We also sell daycare packages - call the store for pricing!

Boarding - $50/night with drop off and pick up by 11 AM

Please contact us at 774-847-9531 to design your customized daycare or boarding package!