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Here at TBU we offer our famous 5 day Off-Leash Boot Camp.

Your dog may come to our facility for their training and board here with us during the entire program, or we may customize the program as a day-school program, should that suit you or your dog's needs.

On the final graduation day, you will come in for approximately 2 hours for your training!

The Off-Leash Boot Camp

This is a 5 day, 4 night program that focuses on automatic recall off leash, high distraction control and loose leash walking.

Tuition for the 5-day off-leash program includes a 2-hour handler training session at program conclusion. Please contact us for more information on pricing. 

Unleash your best friend!

This course is appropriate for dogs over 8 months of age.

(Remote Collar and Training Collar are additional).

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